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The questions can be answered from NEIS General Earthquake Information Page

Questions Regarding Recent Major & Great Earthquake Activity

Many times people are lead to believe that earthquake activity is increasing. The US Geological Survey has a page that discusses the issue by looking at the occurrence of large earthquakes in recent decades. Go to The , follow the link the the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) and then read the answer to the answer to the increase in earthquake activity question, and answer the following questions.

The USGS addresses the question of increased activity by examining

Statistics on small earthquakes Statistics on moderate-size earthquakes
Statistics on large earthquakes Statistics on all earthquakes

Approximately how many events are located each day by the USGS National Earthquake Information Service?

2 12 35
265 1800

About how many major and great earthquakes do we expect each year?

19 12 24
36 54 76

What is the basis for this estimate of the number of events each year?

Seismic theory Gravity theory Convective processes
Past observed activity None of the above All of the above

In terms of the long-term average (since 1900), were most years between 1971 and 1996 above or below average in the number of major earthquakes?

Above average Below Average

Questions Regarding An Earthquake Near St. Louis

Now go to the link "Largest Earthquakes, State by State" and find the section that describes the largest earthquake in Illinois (this was also the largest in our area in the last few decades). Read the information about this earthquake.

What year was the earthquake?

1943 1954 1963
1987 1996 None of the above

What was the maximum intensity of this earthquake?


What was the intensity in St. Louis caused by this earthquake?


The earthquake was felt as far away as

San Diego, CA Anchorage, AK Boston, MA
San Francisco, CA Mexico City, Mexico Portland, OR

Who was Macelwane?

Our class meets in Macelwane Hall - who was Macelwane? Write a few sentences
in the box beneath that Macelwane. (Hint: look at the "Men & Women of Seismology"
link). If you simply copy and paste from the site, you'll get no credit - briefly summarize the information in two to three sentences.

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