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Introduction to Earthquakes
Interesting WWW Sites

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Earthquake Information SLU Seismograms


General Earthquake Information

Saint Louis University Earthquake Center

Seismo-Surfing the Internet

Resources for Teachers

Preparing for Earthquakes

Federal Emergency Management Agency

EQE International - Home Safety Guide+

USGS Hazards and Preparedness Information

Maps and Locations

A Near Real-Time Earthquake Bulletin (NEIS - Nice Maps)

Recent Global Seismicity Information (List and Parc Maps)

U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Information

California and Nevada (USGS)

Seismicity in and around Missouri

Special Earthquake Sites

A Site Dedicated to the New Madrid Earthquakes

The 1906 California Earthquake

John Martin Engineering Site (Extensive Photos)

Plate Tectonics Information

USGS Publication This Dynamic Earth

Paleomap Project (Scotese)

Interactive Map of the Ocean Floor

Volcano World's Plate Tectonics Lesson

Deformation, Faults, and Faulting Information

USGS Crustal Deformation Site

San Andreas Fault VIrtual Field Trip

Calaveras Fault Creeping Through Hollister

Hayward Fault (east SF Bay) Field Trip

Volcano Information

Volcano World

Michigan Tech Volcano Information

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Alaskan Volcano Observatory

Hawai'i Volcano Watch

Current Science and Nature Information

Geology Link

Nature Science

Science Now

Scientific American

General Science Reference

Virtual Reference Desk

The Periodic Table

Think Critically

The Skeptical Inquirer

The Australian Skeptics Society


Government Information Services

Missouri Department of Natural Resource

Illinois State Geological Survey

U. S. Geological Survey

Other Sites Worth Some Time

Dynamic Earth (USGS Plate Tetonics)

Marine Geology & Geophysics Images

Hubble Space Telescope Images

Earth's Gravity (NASA)

An Introduction to Cosmology (NASA)

Einstein Revealed (NOVA)

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Prepared by: Charles J. Ammon