Observational Earthquake Seismology

Setting up your MATLAB paths

Here are the lines to add into a .matlabpaths script:

setenv MSAC ":~ammon/CJA_Msac1.0"
setenv ML01 "$MSAC/io:$MSAC/graphics"
setenv ML02 "$MSAC/decon:$MSAC/filters"
setenv ML03 "$MSAC/spectral:$MSAC/vmodels"
setenv ML04 "$MSAC/process:$MSAC/develop"
setenv ML05 "$MSAC/util"
setenv MATLABPATH $MSAC$ML01$ML02$ML03$ML04$ML05
unsetenv ML01 ML02 ML03 ML04 ML05

Add these lines to a text file and then "source" it.

To make the changes permanent - add these lines to the ".cshrc.cat" file in your home directory.

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Prepared by: Charles J. Ammon