Observational Earthquake Seismology

Required Text

Please see me before purchasing the book:
  • Text Title: An Introduction to Seismology, Earthquakes and Earth Structure
  • Author(s): Seth Stein & Michael Wysession
  • Publisher: Blackwell Science Inc
  • ISBN#: 0865420785 (Paperback Edition, 2002)

Optional Texts

  • Text Title: An Introduction to Error Analysis:
    The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurement
  • Author(s): John R. Taylor
  • Publisher: University Science Books
  • ISBN#: 093570275X (Paperback Edition, 1997)

Recommended Reference Texts

Attend class before you purchase either of these:

    Visual Quickstart Guide to UNIX – Deborah S. Ray & Eric J. Ray

    The MATLAB 5 Handbook – Darren Redfern & Colin Campbell

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