Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Saint Louis University

Earth Systems I
The Solid Earth


Tentative Dates

Reading Assignment

Earth System Science &
Science in General

01/12 & 01/14

Chapter 1

Earth's Origin
Earth Systems & Cycles

01/19 & 01/21

Chapter 2

Geologic Time
Radioactivity as a Clock

01/26 & 01/28

Chapter 3

Elements, Minerals, & Rocks
Plate Tectonics & the Rock Cycle

02/02 & 02/04

Chapter 4

Mineral Resources and Mining
Volcanoes & Volcano Hazards

02/09 & 02/11

Chapter 5


02/16 & 02/23

Midterm Exam



Rock Weathering
Soil & Mass Movements

03/02 & 03/04

Chapter 6

The Hydrologic Cycle,
Surface Water Systems, and Floods

03/16 & 03/18

Chapter 7

Managing our Water Resources

03/23 & 03/25


Groundwater Storage, Flow,
and Management

03/30 & 04/01

Chapter 8

Energy: Fossil Fuels,
Geothermal, Nuclear, and Solar Energy

04/06 & 04/08

Chapter 11

The Atmosphere
The Oceans

04/13, 04/15, &

Chapter 12

Environmental Change -
Evidence From The Past

04/22 & 04/27

Chapter 13

St. Louis and the Environment


Notes Supplied


Classroom Etiquette

 Please feel free to ask questions - questioning is the essence of science.

Don't come to class to socialize and chat, that's rude and unfair to students who want to listen and participate. If you persist in talking during class, I will ask you to leave.

And please try to make it to class on time, because of the entrance is near the front of the room later arrivals disrupt the class.


Students are expected to be honest in their academic work. The University reserves the right to penalize any student whose academic conduct at any time is, in its judgment, detrimental to the University. Such conduct shall include cases of plagiarism, collusion, cheating, giving or receiving or offering or soliciting information in examinations, or the use of previously prepared material in examinations or quizzes. Violations should be reported to your course instructor, who will investigate and adjudicate them according to the Policy on Academic Honesty of the College of Arts and Sciences. If the charges are found to be true, the student may be liable for academic or disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion by the University.

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