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Monica Maceira
Ph.D. - August, 2006

Penn State
Department of Geosciences
444 Deike Building
University Park, PA 16870

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM

Research Interests

My research focus is earthquake seismology. My current research projects include the study of seismic surface waves and their application to seismic tomography and seismic shear-velocity estimation. I have completed a study to map the group-velocity variations across central Asia and I am working now to combine surface-wave dispersion with gravity observations to improve our images of the geologic structure beneath sedimentary basins in northwest China (the Tarim and Junggar). I am also working on methods that use high-resolution surface-wave dispersion maps in applications to nuclear explosion monitoring. I have also modeled seismograms from moderate-size earthquakes (e.g. Pymantuning, Pennsylvania) to estimate faulting geometry and depth, and analyzed records from the 1999 Izmit, Turkey earthquake to estimate the spatio-temporal rupture history.

Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Maceira, M., S.R. Taylor, C.J. Ammon, X. Yang, and A.A. Velasco, High Resolution Rayleigh Wave Slowness Tomography of Central Asia, J. Geophys. Res., 110, doi:10.1029/2004JB003429, 2005.

Maceira, M., C.J. Ammon, and R.B. Herrmann, Faulting Parameters of the September 25, 1998 Pymatuning, Pennsylvania Earthquake, Seismological Res. Letters, V71, No 6, 742-752, 2000.

Articles Published in Nonrefereed Journals & Proceedings

S.R. Taylor, H.J. Patton, M. Maceira, and X. Yang, Regional Event Identification Research in Eastern Asia, in Proceedings of the 27 th Seismic Research Review: Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring technologies, Vol. I, 673-682, 2005.

X. Yang, S.R. Taylor, M. Maceira, H.J. Patton, J.T. Rutledge, G.E. Randall, and M.D. Renwald,   Regional Event Identification Research in Eastern Asia, in Proceedings of the 26 th Seismic Research Review – Trends in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring, 531-540, 2004.

S.R. Taylor, X. Yang, W.S. Phillips, H.J. Patton, M. Maceira, H.E. Hartse, and G.E. Randall, Regional Event Identification Research in Eastern Asia, in Proceedings of the 25 th Seismic Research Review – Nuclear Explosion Monitoring: Building the Knowledge Base, 476-485, 2003.

X. Yang, S.R. Taylor, H.J. Patton , M. Maceira, and A.A. Velasco, Evaluation of intermediate-period (10 to 30-sec) Rayleigh-wave group-velocity maps for central Asia , in Proceedings of the 24 th Seismic Research Review – Nuclear Explosion Monitoring: Innovation and Integration, Vol. I, 609-617, 2002.

M. Maceira, Preliminary Results of Short Period Surface Wave Tomography in Central Asia, internal publication Los Alamos National Laboratory, LA-UR-02-7052, 2002.

S.R. Taylor, A.A. Velasco, X. Yang, M. Maceira, and W.S. Phillips, Bayesian Tomography Applied to Seismic Event Identification Problems, in Proceedings of the 23 rd Seismic Research Review: Worldwide Monitoring of Nuclear Explosions, 440-447, 2001.

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