INTERNET References for Writing

The WWW is full of information on writing. Here is a collection of links that will help you prepare readable documents. Thousands of other links are avaibale and can be found using search engines such as Alta Vista and HotBot. If you find better sites, let me know, I will add them to this list. Also, please let me know if these links have expired.

Writing Guides

The Elements of Style Online English Grammar
"Handouts" From the RPI Writing Center HyperGrammar
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab Jack Kimball's Writing Exercises

Specific For Technical Writing

Technical Communicatator Links Resources for Technical Writers
Restructuring Scientific Papers for More
Effective Communication by Robert Lynch

General Reference

Virtual Reference Desk The Internet Public Library
Citing Electronic Material (IPL)

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Prepared by: Chuck Ammon
Last Modified: March 1998