CJA's Guide to Computer Tools & Tricks

This is a simple guide to some of the software packages that are available on the Departmental Computer Systems. These pages are not complete, but we hope that they give you enough information to find out what's available, get started using the software, or remember how to do something.



The purpose of this guide is to collect some introductory information and explanatory remarks on some of the software available on our system. These software packages are in general, freely distributed (but not public domain). The large packages are widely used in the Seismological and/or Geoscience communities. They are not professionally distributed software and they are not always easy to master. Further, some of the packages perform complex mathematical calculations and require some level of mathematical sophistication before they can be used effectively.

Often these programs are most efficiently used by combining the programs with UNIX shell scripts and or UNIX utilities such as AWK and SED. Detailed manual pages on AWK and SED are available online and other information can be found on the World-Wide-Web. In the examples that you will find in this guide, you will see extensive use of shell scripts and UNIX utilities. Hopefully, you can use these examples to learn both the packages and something about the UNIX utilities.


Some documents to help you get started with UNIX:

SLU EAS Customizing Your UNIX Account
Using Netscape to Manage UNIX Email


Some additional documents to help you effectively use our system:

Computer Programs in Seismology
SAC & Macros
Preparing Maps & Graphs using GMT
Global Earthquake Locations
Harvard CMT Solutions
Geographic Data: Topography, Gravity, etc.
Heat Flow
SEED Files
Writing Guides & Reference Material
Document Preparation
Geoscience Journals


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Prepared by: Charles J. Ammon