Using Netscape Communicator
For email Management

If you are tired of using mail, Mail, and or Pine, and would like to use a graphical mail tool, you can configure Netscape Communicator to access our mail server. The steps you must take to configure the browser are easy and some of the nice features that you'll find in the Communicator mail tool include WYSIWYG mouse-based editing, convenient spell checking, the ability to view HTML mail, simple attachment handling, address-book capabilities, etc.

Configuring Netscape for SLU EAS email

To configure Netscape's browser to access your mail you have to change some preferences.
  1. Launch or start up Netscape.
  2. Select "Preferences" from the edit menu.
  3. Select "Mail Servers" from the "Mail and Newsgroups" list.
  4. Create a new mail server object (click the "Add" button).
  5. Select the Mail Type in the list.
  6. Set the server type to IMAP.
  7. Enter "" (don't include the quotes) as the Server Name.
  8. Select the new server name from the list of mail servers and make that your default mail server.
  9. Delete the old mail server from the list of incoming mail servers (select it and choose delete).

Once you've completed the above steps you should be able to start using communicator to read, organize, and compose messages.

Click on the small mail icon at the bottom right of the browser window and the message center window will open up. Click once on the Inbox associated with the and you should see a list of the messages in your current inbox appear in the message list.

Explore the tool, it has lots of timesaving features.

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Prepared by: Charles J. Ammon,