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Anything But Excel

Spring 2006 - Geosc 497A
Instructors: Charles J. Ammon
& Sridhar Anandakrishnan
Monday (01:25P - 03:20, 025 Deike)


  1. Educate young researchers in the effective and efficient use
    of UNIX-based OS for data management.
  2. Instill a self-reliant attitude about computing in students
  3. Educate students to the level where they can continue self-development
    in more advanced computing tools such as PERL, Python, and programming
  4. Help develop an informed computer user network within the Geoscience Department.

Some Details:

Our primary focus is on Geoscience applications. Most of our experience is in earthquake and active-source seismology. When we discuss file formats, they will be geoscience file formats. When we discuss example scripts, they will be those that we have used for geoscience applications.

This is a one-credit course. If you expect to get much out of it, you will have to work hard. No one can meet with you for two hours a week and make you a computer expert. If you don't put time in outside of class, you will not develop the skills.

Resources :

Click here to see some resources, but trying to keep up with information content on the web is a serious challenge. Our list is static, so it will be outdated sooner than we'd like. Learn to use Google well (and whatever eventually replaces it). The short version is one word: Shelldorado.

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Prepared by: Charles J. Ammon