GEOSC 559 Advanced Seismology

Course Objectives

This is an advanced course designed for students involved in seismological or related research. The course objectives are to review a suite of advanced seismology topics related to earthquake processes and to seismic-wave propagation at a level that instills a deep appreciation of seismological methods in the students.

The primary goal is help students learn how to study advanced material and to relate that material back to seismological observations using a mix of observation, computation, and theory. Some of the topics will be better aligned with your interests - focus on them and explore them deeply. All topics will help you develop skills that make you a more independent learner, don't ignore them.


Course Blogs

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SAC Web Examples

SAC: Creating A Simple Plot SAC: Exploring SAC's Filters SAC: Using SAC's WWSP Filter SAC: Picking P Arrival Times (HW 02) SAC: Removing Instrument Responses (HW 03)

IRIS Web Service Examples

IRIS: Acquiring Information on Seismic Stations IRIS: Web Services - A Quick Source of Seismograms IRIS: Using Wilber 3 to Acquire Seismic Data

Earthquake Search Examples

USGS: Simple Earthquake Searches GCMT: Earthquake Searches ISC: Earthquake Searches

Class Logistics

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