Using MATLAB Notes

Charles J. Ammon - Associate Professor of Geosciences

MATLAB can be a great educational tool if the students get to the point where they can use it independently to explore mathematics, which usually takes some time.

I developed these exercises to provide students with example MATLAB scripts and computation to help them reach the level needed to use it to supplement their learning. The idea is to choose problems that are familiar or that I cover in class and then show students how I scripted the computations in MATLAB. Hopefully seeing the examples can help them build confidence to the point where they can develop their own scripts.

I divided the exercises into categories beginning with level I, which requires very little background and is generally an easy computation. The higher the level number, the more advanced the problem and usually the more advanced the solution.

PDF Files:

Level 1 Exercises

Computing Elastic Constants Computing a Fault Normal
Computing Pressure Computing the Great-Circle Distance
Rotating Seismograms

Level 2 Exercises

Eigenvalue Computations Mohr Circles (requires eigenvalue)
Plate Velocity

Level 3 Exercises

P-SV Reflection-Transmission Coefficients

Higher Mathematical Level Notes and Exercises

Toroidal Normal Modes

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