Earth, Our Environment - Class Notes
Chapter 2, Earth: Origin and Composition
Chapter Objectives:

1) Describe the events that are related to the Big Bang. Explain the evidence for the Big Bang in terms of the behavior of light.

2) Describe how smaller atoms such as hydrogen and helium are produced to make larger ones such as iron and uranium.

3) Explain how meteorites are classified and how both they an Moon rocks are used as evidence for the formulation of Earth and how these contribute to our knowledge of the Earth's composition.

4) Explain how Earth differentiated into distinct lay ers.

5) Describe how heat is transferred from Earth's in terior to the surface and why this is important in shaping the present Earth.

6) Explain how the heat transfer processes drives plate tectonics and relates to plumes.

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Prepared by: Charles J. Ammon
February 1997