Earth, Our Environment - Class Notes
Chapter 4, The Cornerstones of Geology: Rocks - 01

The three main types of rock are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.

Rocks within Earth are constantly changing in composition and location through processes such as melting and metamorphism.

Near Earth's surface, tectonic forces cause deformation, while weathering and erosion recycle rocks at the surface.

The continual cycling of rocks in the interior of Earth and at Earth's surface is known as the rock cycle.

Igneous rocks form when molten rock cools and solidifies

Sedimentary rocks form from mineral and rock fragments and material of organic origin that is eroded or dissolved and then deposited at Earth's surface.

Metamorphic rocks form when the composition, mineralogy, texture of existing rocks changes in response to high temperatures and/or pressures or by reacting with fluids.

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Prepared by: Charles J. Ammon
February 1997